What To Expect

What to Expect:

Be the Change

Yes it’s cheesy but its true. Mighty Earthling is one magical weekend of the summer, but also a practice in creating the world we want our children to live in; one in which everyone is positive, open, warm, friendly, helpful, and respectful of other people and creatures.

There are no “staff”  – Mighty Earthling is a labor of love – so jump in and cut up some fruit,  pick up a piece of trash, comfort a child that isn’t yours, help someone put up their tent, lead a silly dance routine, etc.

The Camp:


When I contacted Camp Navarro they were excited to host us and even gave us a discount on their rates because our kind of event – the kind wherein we introduce children to the magic of the natural world and foster a love for it – is exactly the kind of event they hoped would take place on their land.

I hope to be able to host future Mighty Earthling campouts here and help them shape the property into a magical wonderland for our kids. Our host, Skip, is a great guy, has 2 small kids of his own  and this land is his home. Please say hello to Skip when you see him and treat the land as if it were your beloved home too.

Here are some general things to keep in mind during your stay:

  • Leave no trace. Again, there are no staff, just Dov and I so please be mindful of the cleanliness of all areas, especially the kitchen. Please plan on dedicating at least a half an hour after the festivities on Sunday to helping strike the camp area and leave it cleaner than it was when we arrived – ideally that is what we do for the planet too. We also need to haul out on our trash so keep it tidy. We will be able to take a lot of it in truck so make sure it’s not leaky.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is available to us, but please use it sparingly and leave it cleaner than you found it. Please no bacon in the kitchen. As much as everyone loves to eat bacon, it pales in comparison how little everyone loves to clean it. 🙂
  • Please leave your digital gadgets in the car. They need a vacation too! There is no wifi in the forest, but I promise the connection will be better.
  • Feel free to bring your camp stove and also know that there is a handy dandy coffee shop on site should you desire strong delicious coffee (Thanksgiving Coffee has made a signature coffee blend just for Camp Navarro!) or other treats.

Arrival – Participation – Departure


The gates open at 12pm on Friday August 1st. The drive from the Bay Area will take you about 2.5 – 3 hours. Directions HERE.

When you arrive you will turn into a parking lot. You may drive in past the parking lot and over the small bridge and continue towards the lodge. You will see the Check-In table as you approach the lodge. Please stop and so we can greet you and check you in! After that, you’ll be able to continue to drive in towards your pod and drop your gear. Please move your car back to the parking lot after you have dropped off your things and set up your tent after parking. That way we can avoid jamming up the road.

If you are arriving after dark, please drive slow once you are on site as there maybe children about!

See the Schedule of Activities for a full explanation of what to expect from each day.


Our scheduled activities will last until about 11 and please plan on staying to help clean up for a bit after that.

Drive home slowly and help make the magic last!

Phone Service – Emergencies

There is a phone on site.  The number is  (707) 895 – 3181. We will have a nurse on site and directions to the nearest hospital will be printed out and available at the Information Table.



Breakfast / Lunch
Mighty Earthling provides DIY breakfast food (cereal, yogurt, fruit, eggs, bacon) and lunchy snacky food (hummus, PB&J, sandwich fixings, snack fruit and veggies). We also know that each child has very specific needs and likes when it comes to food, so please plan on bringing enough food for your family for the weekend. A cooler with block ice near camp is the best way to store your supplies. The fridges on site will be full of communal food so help yourself! There are no ‘staff’ so please volunteer to help put out, prepare, and clean up snacks.

Grilling will be the best way to prep your Friday night meal and this year the grill be much larger, hotter and better suited to large groups of people. Saturday dinner will be provided!

What to Bring and Not Bring

Schedule of Events and Activities

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