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Camp Navarro Map

Camp Navarro is a former Boy Scout camp and is set up with 6 cozy and contiguous camping areas, each with its own campfire pit to center the space. It will make for easy post bedtime grown-up hangouts so most importantly, be sure to bring libations to share. We will be occupying the Adirondacks in the center of the camp and we will have use of the entire facility except the cabins.

I’ve arranged the pods so that you will be near those whom you indicated are the source of your invite. Each pod will include people you know and some you don’t … but hopefully will at the end of the weekend.

Each pod has a nearby bathroom with potable water and hot water. There is one central bathroom that we all share that has hot showers as well. You can see pictures of Navarro facilities here.

There are two sleeping options:
1) Adirondacks

  • These are open air cabins that you can see photos of here.
  • There are 8 beds in each in the form of 4 sets of bunkbeds.
  • They come with air mattresses (purchased new last summer so only used once) so all you need is your sleeping bag.
  • These are perfect for 2 families who know each other and have kids on the same schedule.
  • They are also nice for those who don’t want to schlep or set up a tent or bring bulky bedrolls.
  • Also, since they are bunkbeds they don’t make for the most romantic sleeping situation (which I know is why you chose Mighty Earthling). 😉

2) Tents

  • Each pod area has room for tents.

There is a humonguous commercial kitchen where we will prep and present food options.  There are no ‘staff’ at Mighty Earthling so we will all be chipping in to make food happen and take care of one another.

If you have finicky children or grown-ups, please plan to supplement what is provided below. You can bring coolers for any special drinks or food you want to have and keep those with you in your pod next to where you are camped. Food to share you may keep in the commercial kitchen.

Here is what to expect food wise:

Friday Night
Everyone will be arriving at various times so we will not have a coordinated dinner, however we will have various items to munch on so that hungry, car-weary kids and grown-ups can get something in their belly immediately. This will include hummus, veggies, crackers, cheese, chips, guacamole, hard-boiled eggs and fruit.

Other cooking options include:

  • A HUGE grill that will be fired up
  • You may bring your own camp stove to use in your pod – there are picnic tables in each area
  • The commercial kitchen will be available, but please try to coordinate meals with at least 2 other families if you plan to use the kitchen so that it doesn’t get crazy in there with 35 families each trying to do their own thing. Also – very important – you must clean up after yourself – there are no cleaning fairies, alas.

Saturday Breakfast
Our goal is to maximize relaxation and minimize effort so to that end, breakfast is help yourself to simple things. We will have fruit, cereal (gluten-free options too), milk (of all varieties), and bread for toast. There will be plenty of space to boil hot water for tea or coffee.

There is also a little coffee shop on the premises so you can get yourself a fancy morning latte or cappuccino (or tea) and not have to bring hot morning drink fixings at all!


Saturday Lunch
Lunch will be set out around 1pm and will be help yourself as well. We will have hummus, cheese, nut butters and jellies, bread (gluten-free too), hard boiled eggs, crackers, chips, dips, tortillas, veggies and fruit.

As for drinks, there are plenty of potable water spigots all over the camp so be sure to bring your water bottles to fill up. We will also have milk available in kitchen. You may bring other drinks on your own cooler.


Saturday Spaghetti Dinner = Creature Supper!

We will have a coordinated family meal together of all the Mighty Earthling Superhero Creatures. We will be asking for volunteers to help prep this common meal, led the mightiest of mighty earthlings, Lev Osherevich! YAY LEV!

The menu will include various delicious pasta options for carnivores, vegetarians, vegans and gluten free peeps, plus salad, bread and dessert!

We’d love a few volunteers to help. Sign up here.

Sunday Breakfast
There are a couple options: 1) KISS – go with easy peasy cereal. No muss, no fuss. 2) If there is interest from participating superheroes, we can coordinate a Pancake Breakfast. If we have enough volunteers to make that happen, happen it will! If not, there will be plenty of cereal and fruit.


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