GeorgiaThe mission of Mighty Earthling Superheroes is to help make the world safe for all of the Earth’s creatures. We think it’s most efficient if we start in our own backyard and our own neighborhood.

What IS a good mission for earthlings to engage in? There are 3 essential ingredients:

1. It has been identified by actual people who live in the neighborhood as a desirable and needed project.
2. It elevates and enhances the the natural or social environment of the local community.
3. Children ages 2 – 16 can actively participate and engage in its execution and feel connected to and proud of the outcome.

Although I have just begun the process of asking my neighborhood about possible projects, two have been suggested:


Urban Furniture

Tracey Weaver, Executive Director
Tracey Weaver, Executive Director

Urban Furniture is a store down the street that resells gently used household items and employs single mothers, providing them with on the job training and hands-on support.

The vision of Urban Furniture is ‘Every single mom feels inspired and acts empowered.’

I spoke with Tracey (at right) and Kiran (the mom who runs the store) and we spoke about the possibility of having my ReadyMade designer colleagues re-imagine some pieces, work in conjunction with the superheroes to DIY-it, and then auction the designed pieces off for higher prices, which, of course, would all go to more job training for single moms.


Studio Grand

HollyStudio Grand is where we held the Halloween Creature Disco and Party and it is a new venue in the heart of the coolest Oakland neighborhood – ours.

Holly Schneider is the uber-cool woman who opened up the venue in order to provide a space to showcase the brilliant and diverse array of artistic expression that reigns in our little corner of the world.

She collaborates with San Francisco’s Red Poppy Art House who started the the Mission Arts & Performance Project (MAPP), which is a homegrown bi-monthly, unruly intercultural happening that transforms 10-20 odd spaces (garages, street corners, gardens)  into micro art centers, focused on intimate artistic and cultural exchange among people. Holly and I talked about doing something similar here done by and for kids.



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