Yokayo Ranch is a beautiful piece of private land amongst vineyards owned by two incredible women excited about co-creating a special place for our growing superheroes.

 Amenities include a saltwater pool, expanses of farmland tilled by draught horses, an intimate ranch-style gathering space where we will camp, dance, and share meals. 




Yokayo Ranch is exactly 2 hours from Oakland, without traffic. Address is 800 Hensley Creek Road, Ukiah, CA. Exit North State St. (sign also says Mendocino College). Directions here.


A camping village behind and beside the pool will provide the accommodations for our families. A bathroom trailer and ports-potties will be available, as well as one full service bathroom with a shower. and water will be accessible and available to campers throughout weekend. Water is scarce so mindfulness of your use is appreciated.




What to Bring

Expect to bring what you normally would for a camping trip, though you will not need a stove.

You WILL need your own serving plates, utensils, and cups so be sure to pack those! Please respect our Home and do NOT bring any disposable plastic dish or flatware of any kind.

It will be HOT so come prepared for 90 degree weather. You can check the weather status here. Read over this list for packing.



We will provide simple, kid-friendly and vegetarian meals, organic whenever possible.  Meals provided include Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner and Sunday breakfast. If you and/or your child requires – or just prefers – specific foods, please plan on bringing them.

To encourage folks to meet one another and to help out, we ask that each family sign up to help prep or clean-up at least one meal over the course of the weekend. Thank you!


Potable tap water is available and easily accessible from indoor and outdoor kitchen sites.

Farm and Creatures!

Our hostess, Julia, is reviving a low impact, ecological approach to farming the land using draught horses bigger than a house. We will have the opportunity to meet some of the animals during early morning visits.

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