Mighty Earthling has three primary missions when it comes to activities…


lionFoster Empathy with Fellow Earthlings

More than any other superpower, empathy is the one the world needs most. The songs we sing, games we play, and activities we present seek to connect us to ourselves, our family, our larger weekend community, and all the other amazing creatures with whom we share the Earth.

  • Puppet Show: Animating nature and creatures through story enables us to see the world through the characters’ eyes,  feel their feelings, and develop a sense of kinship.
  • Creature Disco: Dressing as another creature can be an opportunity to learn more about it, see it more intimately, and perhaps experience what it’s like to be in another creature’s paws!
  • Farm time: We will have an opportunity to visit the chickens and experience the power of a draft horse who will pull children on a ‘magic carpet’ ride.

Come to our Senses / Activate superpowers: Eyes, ears, nose, skin, tastebuds


We can’t help it. Living in the city with its noise and constant motion forces us to turn off our senses in order to survive.  A key activity of ME is to turn those senses back on.

This is known in our culture as mindfulness: being present to the act of seeing, awakening the ears of our ears, living fully in the moment.

Our children are much better at it than we are. We hope this weekend brings opportunities to observe the in-the-moment-ness of your children and to enjoy some of your own.

  • Superpower Practice: This is the Year of the Bunny, of our Listening Superpower. We will all take part in a fun listening game to awaken this superpower.
  • Uncle Judah Storytime: Versed in applied shamanism and archetypal storytelling, Eyla’s Uncle Judah creates on-the-spot stories incorporating characters suggested by the children that enrapture and inspire with themes of personal empowerment, magical enchantment, and universal kinship. Listening was never so fun!

Offer Opportunities for Schedule and Phone-free Play


Just like us, our phones get tuckered out and need a vacation! Give the poor things a break, make them (and yourself) a kombucha mai tai and let yourself tune into the frequency of life and nature.

The schedule we hope you follow at Mighty Earthling is that of the sun and of your body.

Being without phone and schedule is surprisingly difficult for us busy machine-humans so we recommend the pool and hot tub upon arrival. Swimming and sun-bathing are wonderful ways to remember our bodies and listen to their voices. If all you do at ME is swim, it will be a good thing. Last year the kids’ swimming skills skyrocketed. And what’s better than lunch on hot concrete after a day in the pool?

Other than swimming, other always-available activities include:

  • Creature Crafting: Create critter ears (and other costume pieces) for the Creature Disco.
  • Book Nook: Enjoy some air-conditioned quiet time with books for every age.
  • Mighty Earthling Passport Activities: The passport you receive upon arrival has ideas of ways to practice your superpowers on your own and with others.

2016 Happenings Can be Found Here and Here is a Packing List

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