Mighty Earthling is a weekend family camp that aims to foster empathy for our fellow Earthlings, awaken our senses (aka superpowers), and offer an old-fashioned experience of Summer.

Friday July 29th – Sunday July 31st

Mighty Earthling is a hand-crafted happening intended to recapture a bit of an old-fashioned feeling of Summer: open-ended, full-hearted days spent roaming creeks and meadows, swimming with friends until pruned and sun-kissed, eating popsicles on hot pavement, falling asleep to the sound of crickets.

Living in the Bay Area, creeks, meadows, and friends’ houses are often not within roaming distance. Mighty Earthling is a small attempt to recapture a bit of the magic of the carefree-ness and community my cohort of friends took for granted.

During 3 days together, Mighty Earthling seeks to offer 3 main things:

  • Un-adult-erated Joy: Schedule- and phone-free playfulness (for grown-ups and kids alike)
  • Opportunities to build empathy with our fellow earthlings, human and otherwise
  • Freedom to come to our senses: the low-key nature and beautiful setting of ME encourages an opening and attention to the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of summer.

We will join hands, eat together, swim til we’re pruned, dress up like creatures, dance til the stars come out, wander in meadows, throw rocks in a pond, listen with all of our senses, eat popsicles on hot pavement, and fall asleep to the beautiful stories the crickets tell us.

You can read more about each day here. I hope you will join us.


About Darci Andresen, Director


I grew up amongst oak trees and coyote bush in 1970s country-suburbs in the Monterey-Salinas area with plenty of space to follow creeks and climb trees. I felt kinship for creatures and wanted to speak up for them.

My roundabout journey to ME included an undergraduate degree in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution, a Master’s in Resource Ecology, raising millions for Nader’s 1st Presidential run, coordinating beer and progressive politics festivals with Jim Hightower, and selling ads for a DIY design magazine.

During the year, I feel lucky to climb trees and follow creeks as a forest school teacher with Early Ecology, a 100% outdoor preschool in Joaquin Miller Park.

I was inspired to create Mighty Earthling by my daughter, Eyla.


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